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Smog Test Information

In the state of California smog checks are required to renew registration with the DMV. Currently some counties are under a biennial smog certification program which requires an emission insepction to be conducted once every 2 years. Some vehicle exemptions are made to emissions testing requirements including:

smog test only

When a car is sold it is up to the seller to ensure that the car has a valid smog certificate at the time of sale. If a car is under four years of less in model providing documentation is not necessary.

Additionally, not all counties require emissions testing prior to DMV registration renewal. In Southern California, Los Angeles County and Orange both require an emissions inspection while San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino only require these depending on certain zip code areas.

The purpose of emissions inspections are to reduce automobile emissions in order to enhance the air quality of a region. Naturally, larger metropolitan areas will have more air pollution due to the number of motorists that commute to and from the area. Emissions control standards have been enacted by many counties throughout the State of California in an attempt to provide cleaner air for a better quality of life for residents. Clean air is a resource which is crucial to maintaining the health of a city's residents and has become a focus since investigations into climate change have begun. Ensuring your automobile operates in an environmentally friendly manner helps to ensure a high standard of living while reducing carbon emissions into our environment.